Oh what a…

Laughter, joy, peace… hardly an emotion that one would associate with death. However, my recent trip to Atlanta was just filled with that. As I walked in, the house was filled with people – friends and family, a  somber moment I  thought. Barely a somber moment. A few tight hugs and smiles. Thats how I was greeted.  My cousin  joyfully went to her mom and said “Mom wake up, look who is here” and she did. A faint smile slipped her mouth and it seemed like a cue for the others.  More people gathered around her, all telling her how far I had travelled to come and see her. From that moment on until the  moment I left, all I experienced there, is contrary to common expectations – reliving of some of our lives’ most memorable happy moments, singing songs, baking, cooking, laughing…..

Wow, that was one intense experience. I couldnt but help think “We sure are one wacko family”. But then I realized, I wasnt alone in the celebration of her life (like I had written in my previous post). Everyone that surrounded her was there to celebrate her…. There were no two contrasting opinions about her. She was a source of joy to many and it was evident in the number of people that visited her on a daily basis offering help to the family in all ways possible.

I must admit that the people who have not had the chance to visit her, thanks to geographical boundaries, have all been miserable… exactly the way I was before I set foot in her house. It was almost a surreal experience to be a part of a family that is going through so much trauma, with seeming ease !… It is one experience that will live with me forever. As I flew back home, I re-lived those moments and thought to myself  “I am so lucky to be a part of a family that seeks joy in the worst moments of life”.  Now, thats what I call “blessing”…..


One response to “Oh what a…

  1. Well written…truly blessed are families that have a positive attitude to death

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